How Much Does a Spinal Fusion Cost?

Spinal Fusion Cost, Cervical or Lumbar

A cervical or lumbar spinal fusion procedure can be quite expensive, but if left with no other option, it is either pay the spinal fusion cost or live the rest of your life with debilitating back or neck pain. Spinal fusion cost begins around $75,000 USD and can range closer to $100,000 USD with the extra costs of the operating room time, anesthesia bill, and specialist fees involved.

When you are paying this kind of money for a surgical procedure it is important that you are comfortable with the surgeon and his or her team. It is your right as a patient to understand your surgeons training, experience, and expertise. You should never be afraid to seek out a second opinion if you have concerns about what you have been told.

Ask the opinion of your referring surgeon, seek out previous patients of the surgeon and ask them questions about the procedure; how their recovery was, how they felt they were treated during the whole process, and if their surgery was a success.

Figuring out the Cost of a Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Listed below are six steps that you can take to put an accurate figure to lumbar or cervical spinal fusion cost. Although spinal fusion cost increases when instrumentation is used, it drastically increases the spinal fusion success chances. Instrumentation used during a spinal fusion procedure could cost as much as half of what the surgery itself costs. The cost of your surgery has the potential to increase if you are undergoing a multi-level spinal fusion as more hardware is required.

The following six steps will help you get an accurate figure for spinal fusion surgery:

  1. Contact the hospital where you plan to have your surgery and find out how much the surgeon fees will be. If you have been referred to a private surgeon contact their staff to get this information from them. While you are on the phone with the hospital administration you can take this opportunity to find out what their rate is on the operating room that will be used, along with how much a one night stay in the hospital will be. The total of this step will come close to $75,000 – $80,000 USD.
  2. When speaking with your surgeon, ask him if there will be any specialists assisting as they are often billed separately.
  3. Your next step in calculating spinal fusion cost will be to consult with the anesthesiologist and find out what they will be charging you. The cost will vary depending on the duration of the procedure; providing this information will be helpful to determine a more accurate estimate.
  4. During your spinal procedure a specialized team will be monitoring your spinal activity to be sure that there are no problems. This price tag associated with this could range between $5,000 – $10,000 USD.
  5. The final expenses that you can expect can be calculated with help from your physician. These expenses will include a special back brace, any pain medications that will be needed, and possibly anti-biotic medicine for after your procedure. This final estimate is not set in stone as every individual patient will heal at their own rate and medications may be required for differing periods of time. Some patients may only require a limited amount of physical therapy, while others may require more in-depth therapy.
  6. Now that you have all the figures you need, you can perform the sixth and final step. Calculate the estimates you have received in steps one through five and you should come to a relatively accurate final figure for how much your spinal fusion costs will be. Do not be surprised to find that this price tag totals $100,000 USD or more. Some insurance companies will cover a percentage of the costs incurred, but this is dependent on which insurance provider you deal with.